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Delphi Run-Time Error Codes

Delphi's online help documentation seems to miss the run-time error codes. I usually looked them up in my old Borland Pascal for Windows help file - now they are here for fast access:

1Invalid function number
2File not found
3Path not found
4Too many open files
5File access denied
6Invalid file handle
12Invalid file access code
15Invalid drive number
16Cannot remove current directory
17Cannot rename across drives
100Disk read error
101Disk write error
102File not assigned
103File not open
104File not open for input
105File not open for output
106Invalid numeric format
200Division by zero
201Range check error
202Stack overflow error
203Heap overflow error
204Invalid pointer operation
205Floating point overflow
206Floating point underflow
207Invalid floating point operation
210Object not initialized
211Call to abstract method
212Stream registration error
213Collection index out of range
214Collection overflow error
215Arithmetic overflow error
216General protection fault

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