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Delphi IDE does not generate EXE file


I compile a Delphi Program within the Delphi IDE and it's not generating the EXE file. This seems like some misconfiguration of the environment but I where?


Check the following options:

1) is there an existing EXE file that cannot be deleted/ overwritten because it is set to read-only or maybe still running? Check the task manager.
I have frequently the following situation in one project:

- I run the freshly compiled EXE from the IDE
- the EXE terminates itself upon an error condition and restarts itself
- I close the newly started instance.

Delphi then cannot overwrite the EXE file even though no instance is running. I have to close and restart Delphi. (Experiencing this with Delphi 3)

2) Maybe the EXE file is put to an unexpected (separate) directory?
Check Project->Options...->Directories/Conditionals->Output Directory.

3) Maybe someone changed the extension for the application from '.EXE' to something else? Under GEM the extension '.APP' was common..
So check Project->Options...->Application->Target File Extension

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