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What is an *.MDF file ?


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What is an *.MDF file?


If it is a rather large file, e.g. 650 MB, then it is most likely a CD image. If it is a file of smaller size, see at the end of this article. These MDF image files are created using a CD/DVD CD/DVD image file editor (and CD burner and CD/DVD backup tool) called MagicISO Maker.
MagicISO Maker can directly create, edit, extract, and burn ISO/MDF files. It also can convert almost all CD/DVD image formats to ISO/BIN/CUE, Nero (.NRG), and CloneCD (.CCD/. IMG/. SUB). With MagicISO, you can handle DVD image up to 10GB; make CD image files from CD/DVD-ROM; also can burn ISO files and other CD/DVD image files (BIN, IMG, CIF, NRG, BWI, VCD) to CD-R/RW; support loading boot image file exported by WinISO and UltraISO; burn CD image files in ISO9660, Joliet, and UDF format; edit properties of CD/DVD image files; it has the ability to correct volume serial number after editing original CD/DVD image file; search files or directories with wildcard characters in CD/DVD image file.

You can download it here:

Not a CD image file?

If you cannot open your MDF file with Magic Iso Maker, then it may be a database file. dBase used to store their memo fields in a separate file. Regular tables were stored in *.dbf files, memo files were stored in *.mdf files.

SQL Server 2000 creates MDF files as well.

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2007-05-08, 13:29:32
anonymous from Philippines  
i got a pc game, in mdf/mds file. installed alcohol and daemon but really dont know what to do next.pls help me im really not a computer wiz.thnks
2007-05-16, 04:12:54
[hidden] from Malaysia  
i'm gonna rate this as very helpful (wanna make it very funny but there's no such option, it is funny thus helpful)

i found this from google. i just downloaded a game and looking for a definition of .mdf. well... i understand it all after the second post. (thanx god i got education)

guys... i got hell of a week and i've been looking for the games for years!! now that i've found it... and the funny thread fufufufuufufufufufufu

i can sleep well tonight
2007-05-20, 06:04:19 from United Kingdom  
ppl.. try using ISOBuster, it was the easiest tool for me, Daemon tools however, i was like 'how the fuck do i use this thing?'. If u have not done so already, i found it easy to use WinRAR and create a whole new archive for the game, and starting from there.
2007-05-30, 22:33:04
anonymous from Malaysia  
i cant convert mdf to iso using dvd decrypter, it says disc not dvd. somebody help me
2007-05-31, 05:10:46
zepolleon from Philippines  
Is it really possible to convert MDF to ISO just by changing the extension?

I tried it before, but apparently the file came out corrupt. Any thoughts?
2007-06-01, 07:47:59
from United Kingdom  
i got it all working, i dlded command and conquer 3 and installed the game.. im using Daemon to create a false drive however when i open the game to play it an error msg reads 'confict with emulation software detected' can anyone help me get arround that? thanks
2007-06-11, 00:00:25
anonymous from Saudi Arabia  
first ... thx to all who were verry helpfull in this 'interresting' thread ...
and I wanna say to all who think that they r smart ... stop calling ppl idiots and be helpfull ... or at least dont bother ur self or us by cmmenting... its better for the eye and 'mind' to read a clean thread ...

read this thread again .. it has more than one solution ... an the easiest way is to open it via WinRar ... if that didnt work .. mybe ur mdf. is eather corrupted 'try downloading it again' or its a fake ...

However, some games 'after instaling them' asks u to insert the game CD ... so u eather burn the mdf. on a CD/DVD ...'see previos pages on how to do so' or u can mount it on a virtual diver using demon tools ... 'note that when mounting .. the mds. file apears only .. the small one ... u should mount that' ....

ok ... so far evrything should be working nice .... but sometimes when starting a game an error msg pops up saying 'emulation software detected' ... this means that the game is being protected by SecuROM or SafeDisc ..... don't worry ... the DaemonTools site contains tools to hide the emulatin from SecuRom ... these tools r :
Y.A.S.U & Securom_loader
sometimes YASU is enogh ..

after this u should have no prblemz ....

for more help and info check
it realy helped me with this thread alot
2007-06-12, 03:59:01
anonymous from India  
u can use the softwares like nero latest to mount .mdf or .mds files u can also use
softwares like POWER ISO , DAEMON TOOLS etc& then u will get the data frm the files


2007-06-21, 08:44:37
anonymous from United States  
I seriously need help, i have a dvd that has an .mds and an .mdf file on it. I want to use them to install a game on my computer. I hav daemon tools, and alcohol, but when i try to mount them on either programs it has an error message. Do i need to copy the .mds/.mdf files to my comp? If so, how? I have tried and it doesnt allow me to copy to my hard drive...a
2007-06-22, 21:56:49
anonymous from Philippines  
how can i use the alcohol 120%.I cannot open jumpstart cd? its asking about something that is not installed on my pc.I dont know how i can maximize it. And when my son plays house of the dead, it always hanged in the middle.Can someone help me out?
2007-06-23, 02:30:06   (updated: 2007-06-23, 02:31:43)
anonymous from Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom  
I supppose this kinda thing takes a lot of messing around with, i have had all sorts of problems in the past with creating CD and DVD with all sorts of different filetypes, ISO, CUE, MDF, MDS etc... and all it took in the end was a bit of messing around with the files using different sortware programs like POWER ISO, NERO, MAGIC ISO etc.....

So to all who experience problems i advise to mess about for a while trying different things, annoying as it might be to get nowhere you will get there in the end, I always do and i'm no computer genius. Anyway good luck to all.

2007-06-24, 00:58:37
anonymous from Malaysia  
I downloaded a 300 mb file of game but they are in seperated RAR files .
each 15MB and all file names are same ..
I used daemon tools to mount the .mds or .mdf file but it comes out with a error msg : Unable to mount image. File not accessable.
Pls help . Thanx

Keywords: Anonymous, Technical Problems, Computers, Files, MDF, CD IMAGE,
2007-07-08, 16:13:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  

i downloaded a game that is an MDF file. I have no knowlage of computers and i have no idea how to open this game. can anyone tell me which program i can use to open a game in MDF file?


2007-07-13, 04:05:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
The MDF file is a disc image file, and the first step is either to burn a cd from it or use a suitable program that can access it as a 'virtual' drive. The problem is that you should have the mdf file plus another small file with .mds as the extension. The mds file is the media descriptor file for the mdf disc image, it's a bit like an index to the big file.

An MDF file on it's own might be tricky. As per earlier comments in this thread, I use Daemon tools to open these files so they appear as a virtual CD drive. Daemon tools can access the files by opening the mds file (which effectively opens the big mdf image) but both files need to be in the same directory. I have version 4.03HE of Daemon tools and this method works fine.

As a quick test I've just taken a pair of mdf/mds files and tested them with Daemon tools. First I opened the mds file as normal, all worked ok. Then (after unmounting the image) I removed the mds file. I tried Daemon tools again, but this time when mounting the image I had to use the 'all files' option to be able to see the mdf file, and it worked! I was able to navigate around the contents of the CD image and open files with no problem.

You may be able to access the mdf file on it's own using other tools, maybe even changing the extension to .iso will help, but there's no guarantee that you'll get a useable disc when you burn it.
2007-07-19, 08:18:06
anonymous from Canada  
I need help, i have a mdf file which is about 4gb but it didnt come with a mds file so i've tried to convert it with magic iso but it says its not in a cd format? What do i do now then?
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