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Dating scammer Samuel Bret


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Name: Samuel Bret

Email:  Samuel Bret


Other Comments:
Samuel Bret Hello My Dear Lovely Queen*:) happy
How are you doing?I hope you are doing fine wherever you are....Am happy to know you and i believe this could be a Blessing to me and am Happy that i can also find someone with a Good
heart like yourself,I adore you for that...well good that you can read and Understand me,though i am a Gentle man with good heart and intentions,i really do believe in GOD so much and in
Trust,Honesty,understanding and love is the foundation of a strong relationship..I will like us to build all these in this relationship we are about to start cos without all this,a relationship can
not go nowhere and God must also be included cos he is the reason why we are alive today.I hope you understand what i mean.
Well with the way i found your mail ,i believe you have all this in you and i will be so Much Happy to get to know you more Deeply,cos its rare to find someone with good heart like you ....i
think things could work out someday with us with time,i also believe you are a God sent to me and i am also a God Sent to you,Who knows?I am new to this things and don't have time
to spend.All i just came here is to see if my dream woman could be found..Let me tell you little about me cos i want to keep my time to tell you things about me just to let you know am
serious in getting to know you..I am Samuel Bret ,50yrs old man,6.1 ft tall ,residing in LA New Orleans in USA.Am single with no kid.I lost my wife when given birth 2yrs ago well all my family members like my father he died 8 years back with cancer and it was the thinking of my father death that killed my mother cos both really love their self deeply and am the only son of my parents, this really hurt me so much cos i feel bad any time i remember it cos is bad experience i have never had .I believe i have to continue my life and also make my
self happy and also find the right lady that i will love so much and will also be a caring woman to me some one who really knows what she wanted in life. I am Originally from Italy born in Rome but i grew up in US.I work as a Business Man.I can say am comfortable and have achieved lots in life by God grace and do believe in
GOD so much and also God fearing man and hope also believe in God also but if not that is not an issue to as far we have interest in each other.. .I have a company which i manage in US and i do have a house i buy myself.I see myself as a very
hard working man.
I have being lonely for a long time now and ever since my wife have pass away i haven't find anyone yet,cos i believe before i could start again days will be long and i believe time doesn't
wait for anybody and life is short....that's why i decided to make a Try this time around and see if am gonna find that special woman for myself and make me Happy and i promise to do the same.I will be more
Happy to get to know you more deeply , be Open to me pls just write me more about you,I have a lot to share with you just lets have believe and Focus in this relationship...lets see where the
God will lead us too.....I am always busy and right now i am in west Africa in Nigeria am here to received my goods Computers it's accessories and other electronics so am out of the State for a business trip and i will be back as soon as my goods get
here and i supply it i will be back in 3weeks time okay ...plz tell me more thing about you .....
pls write me as soon as you can i will be waiting for your next mail...and don't be exit-ate to ask me any Question,i will be Happy to Answer you.I have a lot of companion and love to share with
my woman..I am not here for games or to hurt your feelings..I will give my woman love and every companion a princess deserve and will never regret knowing me and i will also like to see your photo as well when writing me back.,Once again you are welcome to my World.
Thinking about you !

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2013-12-03, 14:39:54

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2013-12-04, 10:26:18
Miss Marple from United States  
Thanks Domi ! This mans photos are reported as scam on the Tomas Mends thread and we know it is scammers out of Ghana ,the header shows an US IP so they are hiding opem proxy.
2013-12-13, 16:10:06
anonymous from Italy  
i do not speak english very well.
the man in the picture with ballons around him has written love letters to me for 3 weeks. he said to be a soldier in iraq and had got the letter of retirement ( he sent me a photo from this, although i know it was false). then he told me that he had earned a reward on the amount of 500 thousand dollars and sent me a picture of that money. he wanted me to meet me with a diplomat of iraq to take that money and hide this money in my house. I refused all that.

Who is the prson on the picture, is he the scammer or is he a victim? in sense, someone captured his photos and used him for those purposes or is it the real scammer?
I would like you to know, that i wish to protect this man if he is an ignore victim, if he is not victim, he must be punished.
My mail adress is:
Please let me know something about what i told to uou
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Samuel Bret

2013-12-14, 03:08:01

@anonymous from Italy

Please do not write your home address here.
Photos of man in the picture is stolen.
He too is a victim.
His picture use scammers from Ghana.
Please do not send money and block the scammer
2013-12-14, 03:46:15
@anonymous from Italy

Please do not write your mail address here.
Photos of man in the picture is stolen.
He too is a victim.
His picture use scammers from Ghana.
Please do not send money and block the scammer
2013-12-23, 10:25:56
anonymous from Canada  
attention ce salaud la ce sers de cette adresse
moi aussi, je me suis fait avoir par ces belles paroles.........mais quand il m'a parler d'argent, j'ai depuis il m' il disait qu'il avait besoin de $3,000.00 pour ne pas perdre tout et que c'était urgent vous faite pas avoir par de belle parole s.v.p....
2014-02-05, 10:32:37   (updated: 2014-02-05, 10:54:29)
Women on Badoo portal are deceived by cheater,
which uses these images
This photo of the actor
  cheater phone
NICK pseudonym

2015-02-16, 00:47:55
Have been receiving emails from an alleged Frank Kennedy who claims to work for the NSA and is on assignment in Kazakhstan. He sent one of the photos that appear on this site plus another one of him holding a dog.

2015-02-18, 00:10:44

2015-02-18, 00:23:37
Here is the photo 'Frank Kennedy' uses for Yahoo Messenger. The email address he/they use is and he/they use the frankenlove111 alias for Yahoo Messenger too. He/they claim they can't use Skype because of security protocols. He says how much he misses me, despite never meeting, and that he wants to visit me. He hasn't asked for any money, yet...........
The quality of his written English contains grammatical and punctuation flaws.

He's on covert ops in Kazakhstan for the NSA and he's American, born in Alabama but has lived in New York since he was a teenager. His mother is from Redcar, UK so he claims he has British blood.

Can you trace where he's emailing from and who the guy's photo is they're using (looks like a model or an actor). The photo with the dog looks as if it's been taken in Italy.

2015-03-28, 11:13:45
anonymous from United Kingdom  
The guy named Frank Kennedy is also using so beware!

Here is another pic...
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Samuel Bret

2015-03-28, 11:13:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
The guy named Frank Kennedy is also using so beware!

Here is another pic...
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Samuel Bret

2015-03-28, 11:46:54
Frank Kennedy is also using a bank stateside to channel money.

The information he is using is below... this person is either an accomplice or they are also a victim of this scammer

Name:Catherine Matthews
Bank name:TD Bank, N.A. Wilmington, Delaware

56 Circle Drive, Hopewell Junction, New York, 12533 USA
2015-04-02, 14:53:48
2015-04-05, 20:01:44
'He told me his name is frank ' he hurt me because I fell in love with Who i thought he was
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