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Dating scammer Braden Moose or George Moose


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Name: Braden Moose or George Moose



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Can you please see if this person is a real person or a scammer. He does show up on scammer sites. I am still talking to him but have not sent him anything thing else. I sent him money once feeling sorry for him only fifty dollars thank goodness but then caught on when he continued to keep asking. I am still talking to him because I want to know who the real person behind the photos is if possible. His real name. If he really is in Accra, Ghana also or Miami, Florida. I would like closure. Please see if you can help find out. I have tried but no luck. He is really good. He was in the military but claims he just retired of course after twenty years. There are braden mooses that do show up when you run his name under military but i will not pay out money to find out. Maybe he is just a bad soldier. Either way I am not nieve I just want the truth.

Thanks for you help.


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2013-04-26, 08:51:55
Miss Marple from United States  

I am inundated daily with emails and comments from people around the world thinking they are being scammed online by people professing to be Soldiers or Marines in a combat zone. I want to reiterate a few points about how to easily determine if the person you are speaking with is a real service member or not.

1) They ask for money, especially through a money service like MoneyGram or Western Union. These are easy, immediate tip-offs.

2) They send you pictures that don’t match the rank and service they tell you they are. I can’t tell you how many times I get emails and comments asking me to look into someone saying they are a Staff Sergeant and wearing Major rank or a supposed Colonel wearing Sergeant Major rank. Educate yourself on military ranks and uniforms and do due diligence before wasting my time with these obvious indicators. You can find US Military ranks here.

3) They tell you that they are assigned to a secret intelligence unit. People really assigned to secret intelligence units won’t say they are assigned to secret intelligence units.

4) Ask them to send you an email from their military email as confirmation. If they send you one, respond to it and ensure they didn’t make it up. You’ll find that most – if not, all – of these emails will come back undeliverable. If they say they can’t give it to you for security reasons, it’s a scam.

5) They need your help with “special leave.” This leave will usually need to be signed by a general officer and will come with additional fees. Military personnel do not need a civilian’s help with processing leave. I’m married and I don’t even need my wife’s help if I want to take leave. It doesn’t cost military personnel a single penny to take leave – EVER!

6) Check the photos. Often time, these scammers are such complete morons, they’ll send multiple pictures of different people and claim to be the same person. If it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.

7) Uses a sob story about being a widower (usually say widow). Most of the photos these guys steal are from married troops and will contain photos with kids or a woman. To explain these images away, they “kill off” the spouse somehow and pull on the heartstrings with sob stories of having to raise children alone. Most obituaries are published online and a simple Google of obituaries will prove this scam. Hearing all these stories, one would think that the most dangerous place in the world isn’t Afghanistan, but it sounds like the truth is America’s roads.

With that said, in addition to the other names I’ve already given on other websites, I want to add a few here that have recently come to my attention. Please keep in mind that the real Soldiers – if, in fact, these names were real – are not the scammers, but criminals using their names and images.

2013-04-26, 17:52:50
anonymous from Australia  
Personally i think that this soldier should be investergated
2013-04-26, 18:30:27   (updated: 2013-04-26, 18:36:36)
Miss Marple from United States  

2013-04-26, 17:52:50
anonymous from Australia
Personally i think that this soldier should be investergated

2013-04-26, 01:15:25
anonymous from Australia
I too was taken by supprise to see that this man who tried to take avantage of me, he had asked me accasionally also for money, well, I thank God that that the truth has been revealed, personally, how can somebody get a hold of somebodys personal photos? I think this is the man himself, but when he writes to me, he goes by another name, last name is still Moose, well goes to show, you cant even trust soldiers from your own county can you!!!

These are your postings ,the soldier on the photos is not a scammer ! Scammers from Ghana has stolen this US soldiers photos to scam women with . The soldier on the photo is much victim as you and anyone else who believed they have been talking to the man on the photos !
This is a major problem for the US military as lots of soldiers have got their photos and IDs stolen and are abused in scams ...
So please do not blame the soldier on the photo he is innocent to these cruel scams online !
2013-04-26, 18:35:38
Miss Marple from United States  
Pentagon: Beware of military romance scams

KUSA - Every year thousands of women are swindled by fraudsters pretending to be U.S. service members stationed overseas. Military investigators say the victims are often women, 30 to 55 years old, who are wooed online through social media or dating websites.

The scams frequently use photos of real soldiers. Sometimes they also use the true name and rank of the soldier pictured. The perpetrators may spend months creating false profiles including hometowns and relatives. Often the real soldiers have no idea their identities are being used inappropriately.

BLOG: I think I broke her heart

The Army's Criminal investigation Command says the fraudsters typically operate out of West African countries. The scams often involve online messages to the victim that intersperse romantic language with requests for special laptop computers, international telephones, military leave papers or transportation fees. There can be requests to wire large sums of money.

Military officials stress that they provide service members in combat zones with all required communication, transportation, and medical services. Soldiers do not need additional money for doctor bills or for travel to the United States on leave.

Here are some tips from the Army's Criminal Investigation Command:

Be extremely suspicious if you are asked to send money or ship property to a third party.
Research what you are being told. Get help from a current or former service member to validate claims.
Be very suspicious if you never get to talk to the 'soldier' on the phone.
Be suspicious if they can't provide a military address where they can receive regular mail.
Watch out for grammatical errors in emails.

To report a suspected internet romance scam, contact the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center:
2013-04-26, 20:13:48
anonymous from Australia  
You can check out my email that I don't use anymore, and it is, look under search for emails, alan.moose and you will see all the conversation I had with him, password is sarah353611, I have stopped using email account, but if it is of use to yous, you can have a look.
It was a good thing that I had downloaded photos, cause I noticed that he had deleted all the photos he had sent to me, so feel free to check out my email and see the conversations we had, thanku
2013-08-15, 18:39:12
Brad Alan Investigations  
I am looking for victims of these scams, involving the man in these photos, who would be willing to tell their story on national television. Time is of the essence. If you would be willing to share your story, please email me ASAP at Also, Miss Marple, if you have any information that may be of assistance, could you please let me know? I am hoping to get in touch with someone by tomorrow 8/16/2013.

2013-09-11, 16:24:46
anonymous from United States  
2013-09-11, 18:26:25
anonymous from United States  
Looks like there is also a facebook page... https://www.facebook..moose.357
2013-11-10, 20:18:36   (updated: 2013-11-10, 20:24:00)
anonymous from Canada  
This man is also writing to me as we speak ....has been for months ..he asked me for money but I didn't send it luckily I didn't have it at the time. I was just notified so in shock here ,,I too met him on a dating site but I wrote to him not the other way around ?....did someone steal his identity or is this the real guy doing this?...I too was sent the same pictures. Told me he's retiring in a few months is in Afghanistan as we speak and wants to make Canada his home ....I don't know what to do ? should I confront him ?...I feel like such a fool ! .and I fell in love with this man ! that's it for me and dating sites ! Is anyone else still in contact with this man?...he needs to be stopped ! I also have lots of e-mails from this man who is going by a totally different name . feel free to e-mail me at also need closure ....
2014-01-28, 12:53:57
anonymous from Australia  
Can you check to see if this man is a real Soldier and he goes by the name Samuel Rowland

2014-01-28, 12:56:22   (updated: 2014-01-28, 12:58:57)
anonymous from Australia  
His on Fb can u check him out plz SAMUAL ROWLAND
2014-01-28, 13:02:11
anonymous from Australia  
2014-01-28, 13:02:11
anonymous from Australia  
2014-01-28, 13:03:43
anonymous from Australia  
Plz investigate
2014-01-28, 13:04:50
anonymous from Australia  
Plz investigate
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