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Dating scammer Braden Moose or George Moose


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Name: Braden Moose or George Moose



Other Comments:
Can you please see if this person is a real person or a scammer. He does show up on scammer sites. I am still talking to him but have not sent him anything thing else. I sent him money once feeling sorry for him only fifty dollars thank goodness but then caught on when he continued to keep asking. I am still talking to him because I want to know who the real person behind the photos is if possible. His real name. If he really is in Accra, Ghana also or Miami, Florida. I would like closure. Please see if you can help find out. I have tried but no luck. He is really good. He was in the military but claims he just retired of course after twenty years. There are braden mooses that do show up when you run his name under military but i will not pay out money to find out. Maybe he is just a bad soldier. Either way I am not nieve I just want the truth.

Thanks for you help.

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2016-10-24, 13:29:56
anonymous from Norway  
Michael Hirsch Tomasson.
2017-01-08, 06:16:27
anonymous from United States  
Joseph Moose Steinway, from Bedford TX, widower lost his wife to cancer then his daughter in child birth with the child. No mention of son in law. No google search turned up him or his wife's name in Texas. Stationed in Afghanistan, can't get to his money or make calls. first thing he asked for right away was 300.00 Itunes gift card. I said no, then it was chat chat chat... so in love with me.. wanted to marry me, move to where I was.. but Army would not pay for his flight home because he signed a contract and was getting out early. Wanted me to wire 2,500 to an 'officer' because that guaranteed his safety out of there. I did, and lucky for me money-gram refused to accept it because they knew it was a scam. I got my money back. Confronted him and he swore he knew nothing about it. I continued to chat on hangout and eventually he asked me again to fund his trip home to me. He had his 'commander' email me. That was the worse email I have ever had to decipher... I checked IP address and it was from Czech Republic. I refused, he became verbally abusive then confessed he was from Ghana and was a poor drop out student. Watch out Ladies.
2017-06-12, 22:30:41   (updated: 2017-06-12, 22:31:49)
anonymous from United States  
I have talked to this person in the pictures above. He's has basically told me the same story he has told everyone else. I lost my partner and joined a dating site when he approached me and we have talked twice a day for about a month and still do to this day. I thought nothing like this would every happen. He tells me he's going to retire in 5 weeks and wants to come to California to live. I did fall in love with him but when he asked me for money to purchase a trunk passcode cost of $2000 to ship his stuff here that's when I got suspicious. I challenged him on it and he got upset. He gave me the information to contact using the name of Major Isssac Atutra and send all packages to poboxAM18358 Accra North, Accra, Ghana. He also told me his partner passed due to drugs. With me he uses the name Frank Hull Buckman. Military rank First Sergeant Military Service code 56-826-049. Email Phone # 928-2356471 and I still talk to him. I am no straight I am a guy looking for a guy but would like everyone to know I do have tp give this person some credit, he has brought back love to my heart and has also made me stronger as a person since my partner passed I can and will thank for that ONLY. I feel sorry for the gentleman's picture that was used. I hope they catch this guy who is preying on the innocent
2017-06-13, 09:36:53
anonymous from United States  
How would one report this
2017-07-28, 16:33:36   (updated: 2017-07-28, 16:39:49)
anonymous from Germany  
This man tried to get money from me. He said his name is Howard Johnson Rawlings, widow, from California, one child. He promised everything. I just want to know who is the real person in the pics.

2017-07-29, 08:34:48   (updated: 2017-07-29, 08:35:55)
anonymous from Germany  
This man tried to get money from me. He said his name is Howard Johnson Rawlings, widow, from California, one child. He promised everything. I just want to know who is the real person in the pics.
He has many identities, maybe also as a female named Cynthia Cgray, they are the same person or work together.
2017-07-29, 12:40:22   (updated: 2017-07-29, 12:49:11)
anonymous from United States  
Lies, lies and more lies ! The man shown in the above pix has more names, scam postings and pictures than you could ever imagine ! Check him out on the 'Fake - Scam - Fraud - Info' gallary site below and you'll find another 20 or so pictures used in romance scams. ยป Profiles with the same pictures:

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yourittoday. com/scammer.php?scammerid=597919

2017-07-30, 09:31:21
anonymous from Germany  

2017-07-30, 09:33:36
anonymous from Germany  

2017-08-13, 09:19:30
The man called Howard Johnson Rawlings, Joseph Moose Steinway, Major Isssac Atutra, Braden Moose or George Moose )many other names too) is a Nigerian who stole the pics. I know that and I saw the man from Nigeria in a video call. I FEEL PITY for the real soldier whose pictures are been used to scam people.
If someone know his identity I would be grateful to know about and warn him. Thanks and God bless!
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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