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Dating scammer Linda/Anna Gavrilova from Moscow, Russia


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Name: Linda/Anna Gavrilova


Russia, Moscow area,
Lotoshino, Lesnaya street 23-9,
Postalcode 143800.
My full name Anna Gavrilova.

Other Comments:
I don't know if she is up to anything, cause when I check all the sites, I find nothing on this perosn, so if you know of anything send me out a e-mail

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2007-04-25, 04:11:33 from Netherlands  
yes Denmark i got the same photo her famly
2007-04-26, 02:35:07
anonymous from United States  
I spoke to her a few times and she speaks English witha heavy accent. Well, it sounded like a girl but couldhave been the 'fat guys' sister! Here is the number that was displayed on my caller ID. She said it was a from a public phone outside from her apartment. +74957851102

She has no phone or computer. She uses her friend Irina's computer for e-mail. How fishy is that? Someone should call that number and see what happens. For some reason, I am unable to make the connection but i will try again just out of curiosity.
2007-04-26, 08:37:32
anonymous from United States  
Guys start having fun with these fucking idiots. Send shit talking e-mails to them put their addresses up for stupid e-mails and junk mail. Fill their e-mails with viruses. honestly you should not fall for this dumb shit anyways. Although they are good looking you should be able to find true love in the U.S, No wonder we won the Cold War. These people are a bunch of dumb fucks who cannot find a job and live to make money from hardworking higher educated Americans and other nationalities citizens. Fuck russia coming straight from
2007-04-26, 12:28:43
anonymous from United States  
Don't sell the education system over there short! MOST of these scumbag's are guy's in college! How the H do you think they're paying for it?!
2007-04-27, 17:45:54
cor from Dordrecht in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands  
okee who stole russian Anna's emailacount
2007-05-02, 01:30:56
anonymous from United States  
Am I the only DUMBASS that sent photos to her? Probably!
2007-05-02, 09:10:39
anonymous from Denmark  
no you`re not dumbasses are every where ,i`m one to ,but what the hell ,i hope she enjoy`s them ,maybe she can sell them and get a couple of bucks ,so she has enough to take a buss home from moscow ha ha,but i think it is funny thoug i tracked all her e mails to an adress in USA, anyone interested in the adress to check it out ?
2007-05-02, 11:59:16 from Dordrecht, Netherlands  
yes i want the info And yes i send a photo too so you are not the only on .
annyone got this letter?

very much experienced when could not receive your letters because had no access

to the mail box. I very much was frightened, and could not understand this problem.

Now when I have received your letter to me very joyfully and I can calm down a little.

I would like to inform you that I had a trip to embassy.. I had much time to make.

When I have come in embassy, it was necessary for me to write first of all

The application. Lady in embassy very polite. She helped me

With my documents. At embassy there is a commission. It is necessary for me

There were to pass examinations on a medical board. In other words

I very much to get tired today. I shall sleep today very well!!!!

I so am glad to read your letter today. xxxxxxx, you should

To ask the god that at me all was good. Support is necessary for me.

I dream to arrive to you more soon and to take with you happy life!

Tomorrow again it is necessary for me to go in embassy. I have absolutely overlooked to speak,

That lady in embassy has told me, that tickets are as soon as possible necessary for me

Aboard the plane up to Holland. It is necessary for me to buy at once two tickets. This obligatory

Condition to receive the visa. I was surprised when to me have told, that I should

To have 2 tickets. To me have explained, that in embassy should be sure,

That I financially steady citizen also that I shall be capable to go back

To Russia. You understand? For this reason I should satisfy this condition and buy

2 tickets. You see will help me my xxxxxxx.

We together should embody our dream in a reality. Tomorrow I want

The ambassador the trouble to go in the airport. I shall go in airport 'Sheremetyevo'.

It is most close located to me. I shall consider cost

Tickectsxxxxxxx, I shall hope, that we shall take all things with tickets

Soon, that my visa was ready more soon.

I want to thank you for care

About me. I very much estimate it. I understand, that you worry about me.

Please only do not worry. If I shall be

To take all things it is fast, I shall not have need in money for residing.

I should To tell, that I today found out in embassy as I can receive your ticket.

Lady in embassy has told me, that you may not buy for me the ticket.

The matter is that I yet have no my visa. For this reason I should take my tickets

Here in Russia. I know, that there is such service when you may buy to me the ticket.

This service will not operate in our case. You understand? You should

To entrust to me purchase of tickets.

My sweet dreams always about love. I see in dream of you. You to me always

You speak by warm words. My dreams more strengthen my desire to arrive to you!!!

I LOVE YOU!!! I so would like to place all my love in my letter

To you. Love - it the most magnificent feeling which is present in our life.

We are capable of much when we like. You agree with me, my xxxx?

xxxxx, I now again shall go to hotel and I shall write to you tomorrow.

I wait your letter! Only yours, ANNA!!!

2007-05-03, 04:28:55
4676 admirality way suite 330 marina del ray 90292-6695 california
2007-05-04, 13:02:25
anonymous from United States  
Same old scam, same old scammer. Most of the letters match many you have all recieved here. Dentist, father lawyer etc. Most of the pictures match as well plus a few more. Asked for the money and never said I would send it so she will soon stop e-mailing me.

2007-05-04, 13:03:58
anonymous from United States  
Also another pic same time

2007-05-04, 13:05:50
anonymous from United States  
also this one the same e-mail

Keywords: brunette white dress hotel lobby
2007-05-04, 13:07:22
anonymous from United States  
and one last one
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Linda/Anna Gavrilova from Moscow, Russia

Keywords: brunette white dress at night
2007-05-04, 14:16:34
anonymous from United States  
I almost forgot she has changed her name again but not the address. Same as the top of the first page only now claims that her real name is Maria Liubimtseva. I posted this message and the 4 before it as well.

2007-05-05, 21:31:17
anonymous from United States  
I have this picture and several others, she has asked for money and when i said i would visit her frist she stopped writiing. She said she was a 29 year old dentist.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Linda/Anna Gavrilova from Moscow, Russia

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