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Dating scammer Elena


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Name: Elena


16-5 Gastello street, Tatarsk
(Supposedly a Russian town near Novosibirsk)

Other Comments:
She just won't deviate from script!

I've added some 'unusual' requests in my last message to her, but I suspect I'll just get the boilerplate messages on schedule. These people are no fun to bait. :(


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2007-05-29, 08:28:58
2007-05-29, 17:04:27
anonymous from Peru  
I recept emails from St. Peterburg, Svetlana Horwalewa. I recept also your passport. Really exist Svetlana Horwalewa. She is scammer or victim?.
2007-05-30, 04:55:37
drod from United States  
For Peru, regarding Svetlana,

Already posted 2 scammer passports with that name. Will repost for you. Please post yours, so we know which one you are talking about.

Or maybe you have one with the same name and a third photo.

However these are spelled Svetlana HOWRALEWA, with the w/r reversed.

good hunting.........drod

Keywords: fake passport
2007-05-30, 04:57:21   (updated: 2007-05-30, 04:59:21)
drod from United States  
Both have the same serial number.

Keywords: fake id
2007-06-07, 04:47:31   (updated: 2007-06-07, 04:49:56)
shes taking me for a ride but i told her i,m going there see wat happens
thay look nice wat can we do?

MAX dear hello,
it is me again and I want you to know that you can't imagine how happy
I am.
I have a schedule of my can't imagine how much crazy
Moscow is. It is great fear to live here I think so!Our small town is
more friendly . well,about our business,
I tasted my blood,such rule for foreign visitors wanting to visit your
country!Thanks God I am in good health,
all of my tests are all right,I only need some vitamins I think it
is the bad foods and long winters problem.I have to eat much more
fruits and vegetables.The doctor said!
well,here is all info ,I do hope we will together in a few days!
Info fragency!
---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Informationion for Elena Djachkowa
'LuckyTour',Pedov Ruslan.5670768 Moscow,Sibirskaya street
115,office 43.
Date of departure : 06.12
Departure: 19:05 Moscow, Russia - Sheremetyevo, terminal 2
Arrival: 20:40 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Schiphol
Airline: Aeroflot SU417
Please use our service .
Best regards.Manager Pedov Ruslan

Price: USD 1. 99+

Honey I am so glad to see that I am almost near my goal,and our meeting
wait for us.
I think I will call you from airport and I will wait for you there so
long as you need,I mean if you need any time to arrive in airport.
it is not problem to wait there because I know that it is the end of
my trip and I have time to improve my condition(some parfume)after
long jorney.I want you to see me in good shape!
I think everything will be all right.Rather I am sure everything will
be all right!.
My Dear, they have told in travel office that I have to show tickets
when I will visit embassy after tomorrow before my flight.
People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay
illegally in your country and I have tickets with returning is
very strong rule. I have some money but my flight
from Novosibirsk to Moscow costed so much(about 300$)
because so many kilometrs from there to Moscow.
I didn't guess that tickets costs so much.
and I have to book tickets till in less than 2 days ,because of my interview.
be you could borrow some money?I am sure I will be able to return it
back in a few weeks after my arriving I will earn some money and at
first to return all money to you.
in Agency they have told me that you may send it by Western Union.
It is pretty easy to use. The guy from the agency explained to me how their
system works. It is instant worldwide money transfer system. All you need is my
name and my surname to send me the money. Once you do this , I'll be able
to pickup the money in any local Western Unuion office in Moscow.
We need to do it pretty fast,
because we have no time till my intervew,if everything will be all
right I will be on this flight!
I have about 240 US dollars yet and I think I need about 949.99 US
dollars from your side with all travel needs and living
here till my flight!If everything will be all right between us I can
stay with
you longer than three months,maximum I can stay about 6 months for
first time! We should change only the date of my returning flight.
Or I can return earlier if something is wrong!

Here is more info about Western Union. You find any local Western Union agent,
go there and send money to my name. Western Union will ask you for my full name
and address in Moscow where I am staying at. Once you give them all the info
they will initiate the transfer. In just less than 10 minutes I will be able
to pick the money up at any Western Union agent here in moscow.

you will send me transfer info and MTCN( money transfer control number )
I will get cash. So I will need your full name and your address + the control
number of the transfer.
Kiss you many times ,I am tired today,you know it is hard enough to be
in foreign city. So many different emotions .
Kiss you many times! Elena! see you soon!

Ah, silly me. Nearly forgot to give you my full name info and my address.
My address here (the flat i am renting)
is Russia,Moscow ,Hohrykova sreet,build 65 flat 114.
(right writting in English) Elena Djachkowa!
I am sorry to send so dry letter but it seems to me I am like any
I have lost my mind and my head works so badly,see you tomorrow. I am
sorry to make so
many problems for you I only hope that you will be not disappoined to
meet me.

Keywords: fake id
2007-06-07, 09:38:41
anonymous from United States  
She must have clones! lol She's going to to many plces at the same time!!!
2007-06-11, 14:53:43 from United States  
I got the SAME scam... although she went by the name VIKTORIYA. After thinking about what is really going on here, this is the letter I sent her - My Top Ten List of reasons why she is a scammer:
Hi Viktoriya,

I feel clearly that there is deception here. Here is where you have gone wrong:

1. You don't answer my questions directly.

2. Russian women are much stronger. Western men fall for those who sound 'helpless'. A Russian woman would never say 'Silly Me'!

3. The time from when we first talked to you coming to me was way too fast. There is no way the documents would be processed this quickly.

4. If you had grown up in a poor village, how do you have such good professional photographs?

5. The town where you live, and the town where you say your internet is, is not 1 1/2 hour away. It is only 29 miles. check google maps for any identifying places.

6. It takes many months to get paperwork for Visa to america, especially since our country was attacked on 9-11. Immigration is a big challenge here.

7. If you were new to the internet, how did you upload pictures so easily?

8. The airline information you have provided is not consistent with most recent travel listing from airline websites.

9. 2 day period or cannot go? This would never happen. This is clearly incentive for prospective man to send money ASAP.

And the #1 reason I know what you're doing:

10. Your computer email tells me that all emails have come from same computer. If you had travelled many miles to different location, the Computer IP address would be much different.

If you have concerns about these women, ask yourself some serious questions, then realize what you are doing is impossible. Go to Yahoo personals and find a real person in your neighborhood that you can talk to.

2007-06-11, 16:59:50
That was one of the DUMBEST thing's anyone could do!!! You NEVER give them 'pointers'!!! It's their stupidity that make's people suspicious and start to do some checking! Now,if that scammer read's what you sent he may try to correct his mistakes! THAT,only make's his chances at scamming someone not familiar with scamming an easier target! You may feel vindicated by doing that BUT,you've put ALOT of other people at risk!!! sure brain is conected before mouth is in gear!
2007-06-16, 23:30:30
anonymous from United States  
Few more cases...I thought somebody just wants to confirm my email id...
did not know this can be such a big scam...thanks for having suwebsites
maureen <> to staviski
show details May 16

i am here sitting in the internet caffe. Found your email and
decided to write. I am 25 y.o.girl.
I have a picture if you want. No need to reply here as
this is not may email. Write me at


tiffanie <> to staviski
show details May 19


My name is tiffanie. I found your email on that dating site.
I also love sex on the side. I have a loving partner but he is working 16 hours a day and we have sex only once a week :(
If you are interested and wanna see my pictures just email me at
Don`t reply, use the email above (my boyfriend doesn`t know about that email!)

2007-07-06, 12:44:02
[hidden] from Denmark  
in my case, she goes by the name 'Natalya', and I upload one picture she sent me.
her e-mail address, in my case, is ''

so far I have only come to the 2nd email from her script.

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Keywords: blonde tree brown pullover
2007-07-19, 08:10:56   (updated: 2007-07-19, 08:12:05)
anonymous from United States  
Hello my honey !
This is Nataliya again, so I write you from Moscow
internet are too many people as I wrote you and that's very
unusual for me. Today I went to cinema and
watched 'TRANSFORMERS' recommend this movie so much.
It's very kind movie!!!!!
Also I liked that cinema in Moscow, it's very big!i've never been to
such big cinema. Soon I will go to Museum and tomorrow I will go to
the Mossovet theatre so maybe I will not have enough time to write
you. I already bought tickets to the theatre, the play is called
Cherry Garden (or Orchard, I'm not sure how to write it in Eglish). It
was staged on a book of famous Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chehov.
I think I will like this play. I've been told there will play very
good actors Kondratieva and Ostroumova. I'm sure you've never heard of
them but that's OK. Have you ever heard about Chehov?
OK, I have to go now... I will write you more as soon as I can. If I
can't write you tomnorrow I will write you the day after tomorrow after I visit the
travel agency.

I already miss you!!!!
Yours, Nataliya

2007-08-25, 05:49:31
anonymous from Turkey  
I am remzi from turkey
you know me...
2007-09-28, 15:50:25
anonymous from Venezuela  
un beso, te teseo todo lo mejor para ti, que tus sueños se hagan realidad, de Venezuela!

2008-01-29, 19:26:10
anonymous from Bangladesh  

Just saw u in here to look so cute & pretty.
This is Mazed(mr) from Bangladesh. Can i talk to u by mail or chat.
I hope u will consider me for and must reply after rcvd this mail.
I am waiting for your reply. See u soon.

My e-mail address is,

Thanks for your reply.
Best regards.


2008-02-29, 09:30:31
anonymous from India  
there is also a 'kerry' from Russia.

Sent me the foll. mail-

hello, I am pretty russian girl, bored tonight.
would you like to chat with me and see my pics?
if so then email me at

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