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Dating scammer Marina Earina


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Other Comments:
Congratulations Dear. I have seen your structure on a site of dating It is possible to get acquainted with you! my
name is Marina! I am modest and very lonely lady!
I search the partner in life or simply interesting man for dialogue,
I am interesting to learn more about you wait your answer send me if it is possible still the photos My email:



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2007-06-19, 00:55:15
anonymous from Netherlands  
Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!! Received same Relatieplanet-letter from Svetlana Nochkalova, alias Tumbaeva (see there), just like other guys in The Netherlands.
2007-06-22, 05:18:41
anonymous from Netherlands  
I received the same letter to! And another from Olga. I started mailing, but after seeing this mail scam & a picture of her & Marina sent to me, I am truly convinced that it all is just a big scam!!

I want to give my most sincere thanks to this site! Another scammer is unmasked!
2007-06-24, 12:00:56   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: Marina

Email: ddeva123@m. ru


Otherher Comments:
Scammer sends out the following messages:

17/06/2007) Congratulations Dear. I have seen your structure on a site of dating It is possible to get acquainted with you! my name is Marina! I am modest and very lonely lady!
I search the partner in life or simply interesting man for dialogue, I am interesting to learn more about you wait your answer send me if it is possible still the photos My email:


22/06/07) Hello and nice to meet you!
I admit at once, that did not expect to hear your answer so soon.:) Thanks. I hope that we shall have good dialogue. For the beginning..
How are you? At me very good mood. I have received your message and in my breast heart is knocked. This magic trembling before something not known and bewitching fine. You felt earlier once it? I know...;) I hope that my pictures of you too will please. I shall hope that you will send me some more your remarkable pictures. And I shall look forward. I hope the following pictures will be?;)

So, I shall begin my story about myself. Though certainly will tell a photo more. If you certainly attach great importance to appearance.;)
I live in Russia. City: Novocheboksarsk. to me 26 years old! Only please be not afflicted. You can trust me. I have ended Institute and now I work as
the children's psychologist at school, and also in the center of the help. From the childhood of me attracted all that is connected to human essence. I tried to explain all acts somehow. Now I understand that sometimes our acts do not give in to any logic analysis. And these moments are finest in a life. You agree?

I hope that you yet have not fallen asleep from reading. I shall not write much while. We should find out more many still about each other, I hope.:) And I do not want to hurry up to drink all honey of speeches at once. Know, that today in the sky the new star has lit up. A star of my hope about you.;) Kind night. And vigorous morning. I with impatience shall wait your answer.

24/06/2007) Hello my new Sweet friend! I hope, that you have good day and good mood. I have good mood, as new acquaintance - It is interestingly always. The acquaintance through the Internet is possible To consider as something new me, because I did not meet the people thus never.
only it is possible to present, that through one wire we can find out each other and write to each other letters, though we while far apart.
It is valid so conveniently and me to like, that we to have our messages and can more find out each other. As you Sweet, it is valid me to interest as the man and I would like further to write to you, if you do not mind. As I think, that the acquaintance through the Internet it is very pleasant, and it is much easier, than at real meeting in a street or somewhere in cafe behind coffee. And now I to want as to inform you more information concerning me.
Me now 26 years. I was born September, 4. 1980 Year of birth. till a mark a horoscope. I - Virgo. I live in small is proud
about number the population approximately 80000 people.
Novocheboksarsk city as well as in other cities the various people and a lot of nation, from all world live. I think, what is it not most important, main, that the people were able to be friends and to understand each other. That there was no violence and murder. I to think, what is it most important. I hope to find the serious relations with the man in the Internet. I am single also I not I have children.
I live with my grandmother in one city. My grandmother lives not far from me in the own house. It approximately 10 minutes driving by the bus. And I live in an apartment which to me has remained from mine the parents. as I now have remained one and with me except for my grandmother, nobody remained. As I recently to lose the parents. It was in February, 2005. When my parents to go home from the visitors on our automobile. As they went to mine to the aunt in the next city. To celebrate Birthday by mine the aunt. This aunt. The native sister by mine the mum. Only she the grown-up. And when they came back, to them on a counter strip of movement to go away other machine, which has not consulted with management and they have confronted with the machine, where there were my parents. As there was a very slippery road and there was a sleet about a rain. It was very awful. When me to bring to identify mine the parents, I was in such Shock. Because there there was no whole body. Them even to collect till pieces. I do not know, how I to bear all this, it was such HORROR!!!. And I could identify mine the parents only till their clothes, which have remained, and their wedding ring. Because the bodies could not be identified. I long could not in myself reach, only grandmother to me the help go through all this HORROR and that to me should be seen. We even to bury my parents in the closed coffin, because from them a little that there was also it so all was awful. And when I to look on our automobile from this awful failure, I was surprised, there it was valid not anything alive. And there there was so much a lot of blood. This such sad and terrible stage. I long months could not reach in myself. Only due to mine the grandmother, I now to continue to live further and to work. I to write to you from Internet - cafe as I now have no mine The own computer. I had earlier my own computer when we lived on ours Old apartment and when my parents were alive. But literally for two, three weeks prior to our moving on new Apartment in new area at us to plunder our apartment whence at us Have born and to steal much from engineering and equipment in that number and mine the computer. at us to steal all video and audio the goods. And as home appliances. But and most important to me our family videocamera and my small portable computer (notebook) was a pity to lose. Which to me was very dearly among only. As I there to store all our family information, and main, all our photos ours family and our relatives. There I stored all our photos where I, my mum and father. There was more than hundred photo, me with the parents for last 10-15 years and are a pity to me so. I to give back all. If to me to return my computer from a photo mine the parents, as this most expensive and valuable, that at me was necessary, but any another's people to steal him at me. I want to learn about you too and ask, that you wrote me about job and about to your family too. I want to know, what you want new in your life? My main desire it to create amicable family and maybe to have children. I think, that I the adult woman already and I am ready for this purpose.
As Sweet, I would like to set to you pair mine questions. As it would be interesting to me to know the answers on them. What you have felt, when you have received my first letter? You in general romantic man? I always liked the successful men, and I never tried it to hide, because I always knew, What price and what forces and diligence, pays this success. Such men besides profits at job, have profit in personal life. I tried to avoid the losers, which always to stick to me as the fly on honey. Such losers like To dump the Sweetlems on fragile female shoulders and suppress the woman by the unsuccessful destiny.
With such By the man the woman to lose all vital forces and all energy, and to go out as flowers without water, because she tries to solve Sweetlems, which To her not under force, also perceives all vital supports, as due. The loser exhausts from the woman all Last juices from her life and energy. And the successful man, on the contrary, installs reliance, calmness, Stability and safety. Having come off from so lyrical meditations, I have tried to direct the ideas In other channel also has thought that most important, that disturbs me at the given moment, this mine present Material situation . Because I till now ONE and at me no children. And I so love children and always wanted to have the boy and girl. I to want to create the family. Because I think, that I am ready to this. Sweet, rather music, I as listen various music. I like all directions, old and new songs, I listen all but rap. I put some of my pictures, that you could see me and what there was my father wich died. I ask, that you sent me your pictures too. Write me please. I wait your fast reply, as it will be interesting to me to learn about you something.

Your new friend
2007-06-24, 12:00:56   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Marina Earina
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova (modified photo)
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde black top blue jeans fountain
2007-06-24, 12:00:56   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

Keywords: blonde black and purple blue forrest
2007-06-24, 12:59:24
anonymous from Netherlands  
I got first a mail to a complete stanger I send it to the dutch person and after I informed Marina I did I got the same text as on this side

Keywords: man
2007-06-24, 14:16:15
anonymous from Netherlands  
Same e-mails and same pictures recieved. Of couse it's a scam, that was obvious at the first mail.
2007-06-24, 14:32:56   (updated: )
[hidden] from Netherlands  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: marina



Other Comments:

2007-06-25, 00:43:48
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Yep, folks!!!! This is the same one who is posing as Svetlana Nochkalov (or Tumbeva). Many men in the Netherlands and Belgium received these letters. The M-letter was in the mail yesterday. (See there)

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Svetlana Nochkalov

2007-06-25, 15:16:12 from Germany  
Diese vermeintliche Marina nennt sich auch Ekaterina Rozhentsova.Schaut Euch mal dort unter dem Namen um.Ihre Geschichte spricht Bände.
2007-06-25, 19:31:39 from Germany  
Liebe Marina...,Ekaterina...

oder wie Du auch sonst noch genannt wirst.

Deine Erfinder in diesem WWW. hatten eine geniale Idee.

'Wir antworten auf Partnerschaftsanzeigen und zocken deutsche,holländische, überhaupt europäische Männer ab und wenn das nicht reicht, gehen wir nach Übersee.'

Ihr meint mit der schwerfälligen Justiz seit Ihr geschützt,stimmt zum Teil sehr!?

Aber die Geschädigten nutzen auch Euer Sprachrohr,das Internet.

Und ich hatte es in meinen letzten Mails an Ekaterina (übrigens über 120 insgesamt) angekündigt,nachdem ich sie vergeblich am 19.Mai in Hamburg erwartet hatte.

Jetzt, bekämpfe ich diese Machenschaften!!!!

Ich werde Ekaterina...,Marina...oder wie sie sich noch nennen wird mit dem WEB finden und zur Rede stellen,mit der Miliz oder einer anderen Polizei im Gepäck.
Und eines noch, ich verspreche Euch, diese Frauen werden keine Europäische Grenze verlassen oder betreten ohne mit lästigen Fragen der Behörden rechnen zu müssen oder mit Handschellen empfangen zu werden. Der Wirbel den die Geschädigten nunmehr machen werden wird dazu beitragen, daß uns die Justiz mit unserer 'Blauäugigkeit' ernst nehmen wird.

Wenn die Justiz nicht merkt,dass es hier um Verbrechertum geht und nicht um Blauäugigkeit, sollten die Herren und Damen Beamten mal in die Menschen hinein hören und sich für ihre Probleme interessieren. Vieleicht ist der deutsche Bürger den deutschen Beamten noch etwas wert und der Schutz des Geschädigten geht über den Schutz des Verbrechers!!!Siehe Datenschutz!!

Geschädigte,schaut bitte auch unter Ekaterina Rozhentsova aus Kazan nach und meldet Euch bei mir unter meiner Mail-Adresse.Vertraulichkeit ist garantiert!!

Gruß Spremberger
2007-06-26, 12:28:05
anonymous from Germany  
It's easy to post a link. Just copy the adress and insert it into the comment box.
2007-06-26, 13:27:34 from Germany  
Hallo Freunde,

habe soeben eine Info bekommen,dass Ekaterina inzwischen einen dritten Namen verwendet und die Masche weiter läuft.

Sie tritt auch unter:

Ekaterina Derbeneva
Strasse: Uraeva 9
Wohnung 19
420000 Kazan


Aufgepasst Männer und sagt mir bitte Bescheid.Wir kriegen die Bande irgendwann!!


2007-06-27, 03:28:19
Hallo Betrogene,
Habe mit großem Interesse die Beiträge zu Marina Earina/Ekatherina Derbeneva gelesen. Auch mich hat sie über eine Kontaktanzeige im Internet angeschrieben.
Die Mails habe ich gerne gelesen und beantwortet. In der dritten Mail habe ich geschrieben, dass auch ich aus einer armen Familie stamme und danach keine weiteren Mails von ihr erhalten. Nachdem was ich hier lese kann ich nur sagen 'Gott sei Dank'!
Gruß Gert
2007-06-27, 14:18:36 from Belgium  

Another emailadress that she used:

Her name: Svetlana Nochkalova
or Svetlana Tumbaeva

Country: Russia
City: Novocheboksarsk
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Svetlana Kornilova (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde blue jeans pink top armchair on floor
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