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Dating scammer Alisa


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Name: Alisa


Unknown as of yet.

Since I haven't responded to any of Alisa's emails they have been slow to come. Yet I'm sure she will hit on me for Money eventually, even tho I am NOT corresponding with her!!!

Other Comments:
Exact same scam letters as the one's from Sveta but just with a different girls picture(s). After Sveta's desperate attempts to part me from my Money her Emails ended.

Then out of the blue, I get a similar response from my Craigslist Ad 'Guys looking for Women'. So, as a test, I responded with my same email address, but with the fake name 'Jim'. Low and behold, I start getting the exact same form letters as I got from Sveta, but signed Alisa.


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2008-03-24, 14:32:41   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-03-25, 07:16:15
anonymous from Garland, United States  

2008-03-25, 07:17:28
anonymous from Garland, United States  
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Dating scammer Sveta

2008-03-25, 07:18:15
anonymous from Garland, United States  

2008-03-25, 07:18:56   (updated: 2008-03-25, 07:20:47)
anonymous from Garland, United States  

2008-03-25, 07:21:56
anonymous from Garland, United States  
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Dating scammer alisa

2008-03-25, 07:22:58
anonymous from Garland, United States  
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Dating scammer Sveta

2008-03-25, 07:43:54
anonymous from Garland, United States  
Hi again, Jim?

How are you doing? Do you have something interesting happened? Yesterday I returned from Moscow.
I was sooo tired! It's about 19 hours in train! Can you imagine it? It was business travel for my paper work for travel to America. I fixed some things there and now I need to wait about one month before all my papers will be ready. So I think I will go to the States not later than April. I'm very excited about this travel. Did I told you, Jim that I never been in foreign country? And I never flight on airplane. I know that it's safety but if to be honest, I am afraid a little. Jim, do you travel on airplanes often? How it's feel? Anyway I hope that nothing bad will happen with me in my travel.
Jim, I am very glad that I found you. Really. It's so good to know that there is someone in another country who you know. Also Jim I want to ask you about New York city. My agent told me that I will need to go to New York at first. I will need to sign my contract there and choose a place (state and city) for my work. Then I will go to the place, I choose.. So I will stay in New York for 2-3 days I think. And I wanted to ask you how much it may cost to rent a hotel room or something such that I could live there? May be you can advise some hotels? Not expesive and not bad?

Oh, Jim, I have found that I got not all emails from you. It's because my spam filter was on.
I just thought that you may didn't get all emails from me? Check in your spam folder. May be you will found some of my emails there. I was wondering why you didn't answer on some my letters and found your answers there. Now I just make this filter off. So I think I will get all your emails from now. Also I want to tell you that now I have more free time from all my prepares before travel and I am finishing my work here. So now we can chat more often. What do you think? Would you like to hear from me frequently? If you want, we can exchange emails every day. What about me... I don't mind. I would like to know you better, Jim because I think that we could be very good friends when I will come. What do you think Jim, about it? Would you like we to be close friend? I hope so.
It's great to have someone you can spend weekend or just have a fun after work day with who.

Well, I think I will finish my letter here. Jim, thank you that you remember about me.
I know that I am bad girl (because I promise write to you and then don't do it) but I hope it will change :) I will attach my another pictures with this letter. It was taken last summer when I was on my vacation on black sea. I hope you will like it. But I want to ask you, please don't share it in internet, Ok?

So I hope to hear from you soon!

Your friend Alisa!
2008-03-25, 07:45:36
anonymous from United States  
How are you, Jim?

I wanted to write to you yesterday, but I have tired very much. I still need to work here before I will go to the States. I try to earn as much money as possible here that to have more extra cash for my travel. I hope you don't angry, Jim, that I write to you so rarely.
It's very hard time for me here with all this prepares for my trip. Anyway I will try to write more frequently because there are a lot of things I want to know about your country. Also I would like to know you better too.
Did you hear, Jim, we had a president elections here this Sunday. Now we have new president.
It's Dmitriy Medvedev. I am not political, but I hear that you will have president elections too.
I watch TV news sometimes. They told that Hillary Clinton want to be a president. What do you think about it? May woman direct such country as America good enough? If to be honest, I can't imagine that we would have a woman president here in Russia. But there were woman emperors since 17th century in my country like Ekaterina or Anastacia. They made many good things for country and people.
Ha, when I think about woman president in America, it recall me about Prison Break series. Did you see it? We had two seasons of it showed on our TV. I still wait for third season, but it look like they will not show it here.

So how was your weekend, Jim? Whad did you do? I have spent all weekend with my mother. I know that's hard for she to know that her daughter will movie so far, but she understands it and wants only better for me. I try to spend as much time with she as I can. I think I will miss she very much in future.
We have watched all three parts of Lord of The Ring. It's one of my favorite movies. My mother like it too. What are your favorite movies, Jim? What genres of movie do you like more?
As for me, I like romantic movies, such A Walk of Remember or Kate and Leo etc. Also I like comedy movies. My favorite comedy actors are Eddy Merfey and Jim Carry (I don't know how their names writes exact, but I hope you understand which actors I mean). Jim, how much costs in your area to go to the movie theater? Or buy DVD? There are 120-150 rubles (5-6$)movie theater and 200-250 rubles (8-10$) DVD costs in our country. I hope it's not very expensive in America.

Also, Jim, I want to ask you, do you have any attraction parks in your area? I have a dream to ride on roller coaster. I have seen from TV that you have great roller coasters in your contry.

Well, I need to go now. I will try to write more today, but don't promise.

There is my another picture for you, Jim!

Your friend Alisa
2008-03-25, 07:46:55
anonymous from United States  
Good day, Jim!

How are you? What weather do you have? We have -1 degree of Celcius. It's warm for this season in our city. Did I tell you what city I live? It name is Novosergievka. It's Orenburg area. My city not big. There are about 20 thousand of people live here. You probably could find it on the map.
Well, Jim. I would like to tell you more about me. As you know, my name is Alisa or Liza for short. But Alisa sound better for me. I am 29 years old. My birthday is 19 September 1978. When is your birthday? I would like to know your astrological sign. I like to read horoscopes sometimes.
There are many interesting information about people.
I am 5'7 high. I don't know how to describe my appearance. Just look at my pictures. Now I live alone in rented appartment. My mom live in our city too. She owns her own house. My father left our family when I was 10. Actually now I don't know anything about he.
What about your family, Jim? Do you have big family? I also have little brother (not much little, he is 27 now). His name is Vasiliy He lives and works in Siberia now. I have met him this autunm last time. But he want to visit soon again.
Jim, I want to tell you about my plan on future and ask some advises.
Monday I told with my travel agent. I asked him about place where I will move. He said that I will need to make a choose myself because there are a lot places where I could get a job in America. It's because I have demand speciality. My first speciality is a medical nurse. and I could work almost any hospital in any city. Now I want to ask you Jim do you like a city where you live? Is it nice? What nature do you have around? May be some lakes or rivers? What climate in your city look like? Also could you tell me exact name of city or area where do you live? I will check a possibility to get a job somewhere near. It's always great to have a friend, near your place of living. So may be I will try to go in your city or state.
If to be honest, I don't like my work very much. I studied for medicine for
3,5 years after high school, but now I have another passion. It's the reason why I got the second speciality. It's a exterior designer. Actually I want that it will be my second job in your country and when I will be enough ability, I want to quit medical job and work as a designer full time. But I will need to work as a nurse for two years minimum because it's one of my contract's item. So, Jim, what do you think? Is it possible for me to have a good life in your country if I will work as a designer? May be you know, how much incoming they have? Just a curious.

Ok, Jim. I am short in free time right now. Unfortunately I need finish my letter here. I will try to write to you tomorrow and tell you more about me, my life and my hobbies. I will wait for your answer with impatience!

Your friend Alisa.

P.S. Here is my another picture. Hope that you like it.

P.P.S. I always would like to see your pictures too!
2008-03-25, 17:26:38
anonymous from Garland, United States  

how are you? How was your weekend? I am in good mood today. We have pretty warm weather in my city. It's about +10 Celcius and the Sun is shining! It look like the spring finnaly come in our city. What weather do you have? Hope it's not bad.
Jim, I have some good news. I have had some extra money and paid for season ticket in our library. Now I have continual internet access! I am very glad that now I have a possibility to write to you frequently. So now we can try to know each other better.
What do you think, Jim? Do you have anything, you want to know about me? Fell free to ask and I will try to answer.

Jim, I want to ask you do you have any Russian books in your area. Yesterday in the evening I went to library to receive magazines of modern design and book of art(my good friend asked for my help. She want new design for her garden and asked for some advices).
This magazines and books will help me to think up new ideas and to complete old. (I hope you didn't forget that my second profession is interior designer. It's hobby). One book was on English. But it's not a problem for me. I have studied English in the school about
6 years and one year in medical academy. How many people can speak Russian there? I think not much (Ha ha). Here in Russia about 60-70 percents of people study English in schools and universities.

Oh, today is birthday of one of my friends. She's name is Anna. In the evening I will visit here and prepared little gift for her. It's little vial of perfume. There is good shop where are a lot of different perfume. Anna like to use different perfume and all the time she taste another kind of it when old vial is empty. I like to use perfume too. My favorite perfume is 'Elizabeth Arden'
green tea scent. I like fruit and flower aromas and fresh and light aromas like land breeze.
Oh, If we will take any pictures on this party, I will try to send it to you. Would you like to see pictures of my friends, Jim? I think today I can see all my friends there. I would like to spend time together with them because I like parties and like to spend time in friends company.
I have good friends and I want to tell you about them a little. My friend Anna will be 28 years old today. She is a trader of food shop. My friend Marina is 29 years old. She work in nursery school by mentor. Other friends Svetlana and Katya work in bar. Svetlana is 29 years old and Katya is 27. Only one my friend Svetlana have a boyfriend and they are together already 4 years but still not married. Other my friend and me are not married too and don't have boyfriends. I know Anna already
18 years! We are old friends. I met Svetlana and Katya about 6 years ago. Marina is my friend during 8 years. Of course I know other people and contact them every time but I can't call them by my best friends.
They just a familiars but I am in good relations with them too. I am trying to be in good relations with people and don't like to squabble. I think the mutual understanding is very important thing in relations.
Do you agree with me Jim? I would like to hear about it from you. So now you know some details of my best friends.

Well, I will stop here. This is my another picture attached for you, Jim.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Your Alisa!

2008-03-25, 17:44:32
anonymous from Garland, United States  
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for <Jim's Email Addr>; Tue, 25 Mar 2008 19:20:39 -0400
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for <Jim's Email Addr>; Tue, 25 Mar 2008 19:20:36 -0400
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X-YMail-OSG: . EM0VM1llb6s37qK6p1K1IetfrAmUlswZmCqav61F0vri
X-Yahoo-Newmanman-Property: ymail-3
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 16:07:35 +0300
From: Alisa <>
To: Jim <Jim's Email Addr>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Jim
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary='--_-01C88E92-_-185D1507-_-572BA38A-_-'
2008-04-09, 18:25:46
Interesting information. Did alisa hit you up for money like most of the Russian ladies?

I had received almost the same letters.
2019-01-18, 01:35:48
Перезвоните мне пожалуйста 8(921)943-27-14 Захар.
2019-01-18, 16:27:45
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