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Dating scammer Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana


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Name: Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana



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Woman from Accra - Ghana

this woman speaks about the love and she wants to get married
but this is everything lied
she wants only payments has
and or else nothing
the payment method with westerns union is very common in Ghana
and you should not use
since alone the addresses only western union are addresses
and therefore are worth nothing
I have many contacts with women from Ghana
and warn in front of every contact
because these women only are out for deceit
Somebody thinks it before I write what wrongly am
please, this one likes after see on the home page of the German embassy
there is no agent reports this authorizedly either is
this one from outside concludes the VISA applications
A visa application should find if actual instead of
himself then must the German embassy at the contact in Germany report person

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2010-03-29, 11:52:37   (updated: 2010-03-29, 11:58:52)
Took me for everything I had  
4 months ago Josephine - Lia got me good, she scammed me for 10 million US Dollars because she heard I was a successful business man living in Dubai, she asked me take my hard earned money and said it was for a sick friend that needed a heart operation and because the operation was not a success, her friend had to amputate both her legs and needed the money to get equipment to rebuild the home she is living in so her friend can move around in her home without problems. She Lied! The money was for her to create the porn site and her myspace page , so she can finance her porn career. I have warned all my friends in Dubai of Josephine Cudjoe - Lia about her, and will be creating a website dedicated to her as well as I will be adding my site of Josephine Cudjoe - Lia on the FBI Most Wanted watch-list to warn men about her and that she`s a very dangerous scammer and a woman who scams men for money and that she can be brought to justice to be paid for her crimes.

If anyone would like to join me to bring Josephine Cudjoe - Lia to justice so she can pay for her crimes and be put behind bars, visit the FBI Most Wanted page and sign up so you can get back the money that she`s stolen from you.
2010-04-05, 10:11:28
anonymous from United States  
Sorry to hear that dude, here is a picture of what lia really LOOKS LIKE!

2010-04-15, 06:37:19  
Took me for everything I had....

Hi friend of Dubay. I'm with you. Reported her to FBI in the last january 2010, after a fake kidnapp she told me had from another fake CID of Accra. They asked me to pay 3.500 Euro, and, of course, was accomplices in all. Do not send money, of course, and say to the kidnapper that he can do all what prefare of this woman !!! A very bad (but also comic) history. The last of a lot of 'bad adventures' happen to this woman. She have a good fantasy but tell too lies, stupid lies, so, after some days, is evident and most simple discover her in all. She is in froud and scammer from 2007 with a lot of names, phones, sure one accomplice (her guy or her uncle). But agree with you that SHE IS TO STOPPED, IN EVERY WAY !!! AND DEFINITIVELY. In the last 3 months I search in every way to stop her. I'm updating all my novity on her in the first report i do with FBI and i'm updating, in this site, all her history, all her frouds and i'm searching real contacts with men or guys was scammed from her. If you are interesting to collaborate with me, please, write me urgentely in this mail address. Thanks to you, because she have to know that her frouds can not know only in this site, this is only the start. She is to stop because now is working with another persons that do not know her. Waiting your answer, thanks. Kuranesh.
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Dating scammer Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana
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Dating scammer Sandra Da_Rocha from Accra/Ghana

2010-05-01, 17:12:45   (updated: 2010-05-01, 17:15:04)
Josephine Cudjoe - Lia 19 is also listed on this website and have been scamming men there too.

2010-05-04, 01:25:20 from Germany  
hier bin ich ,chris aus Deutschland.Ich habe auch eine angeblich 32 Jahre alte Frau aus Ghana über ein Internet Portal kennen gelernt.Es heißt *OPEN DATE* eine Single-Kontaktbörse!Die Frau gibt sich als Emelia Aidoo aus und ist angeblich halbtags im Supermarkt beschäftigt und verdient 600 cedis im Monat und wohnt alleine mit einem Hund zusammen.Ihre Mutter ist einmal 80 dann wieder 65 Jahre alt.Auf der deutschen Webseite ist Sie angeblich Sternzeichen Fisch,allerdings gibt Sie ihren Geburtstag am 20.Juni an und das passt nicht,denn Fische sind Februar/März geboren.Nach sofortigen Liebesversprechen erwartet Sie das ich Ihr das Flugticket nach Deutschland bezahle und das Geld dafür per Western Union zu überweisen.Nachdem ich ,weil ich sehr viel Erfahrung mit Botschaften habe,weil meine Ex-Frau aus der Ukraine kommt,dann einen billigeren Flug als Sie gefunden habe und Ihr das Ticket kaufen wollte und Ihr online hinterlegen wollte ,weichte Sie auf andere Themen aus und bestand immer wieder darauf das Ticket selbst zu kaufen.Nach Telefonnummernaustausch schickte Sie dann Liebes-SMS und wollte dann ein Laptop haben um nicht immer ins Internetcafe gehen zu müssen um mit mir über MSN zu chatten.Angeblich hätte Sie im Mai einen Monat Urlaub und wolle dann nach Deutschland kommen um bei mir zu sein.Geld habe ich Ihr nicht geschickt per Western Union sondern lediglich eine CD um zu erfahren ob die TA446 in Taifa Accra wirklich existiert.Nach zahlreichen und stundenlangem chatten mit Widersprüchen und auf genauerem nachfragen mit unloggischen Ausflüchten beendete Sie den Chat.Ich hatte Sie nämlich darauf angesprochen,warum Sie ein Laptop bräüchte,denn was Sie wohl vergessen hatte,war,das Sie die ersten beiden Male mit mir aus Ihrer Wohnung mit Ihrem Laptop gechattet hatte und angeblich 100 Dollar für die Mobil-Line bezahlt hätte.Sie wollte auch nur Geld und hat mich versucht ein zu wickeln bzw. zu betrügen.Den Hund den Sie hatte war ein Chitzu,der hier mindestens 500 bis 600 euro kostet und in Ihrer Wohnung sah ich hundert paar Schuhe und kein Elend.

2011-10-22, 14:54:43
anonymous from Germany  
Achtung, die dame ist in facebook unter den Namen Sandra Sarkodie unterwegs... aus Accra/Ghana .. angeblich Ärztin.. hat alle Unterlagen bereit... Ausweis, Visum, Abschlußzeugnis usw.... will nach Germany und heiraten und braucht natürlich erstmal Geld um nach Germany zu kommen,
da die Studiumsgebühren vor Ausreise zurück bezahlt werden sollen. haha...lach
2011-10-22, 16:43:46
anonymous from United States  
Listen up guys... here's an interesting read explains what really happens in the sordid world of scammers in Nigeria and Ghana. Also interview with a scammer. Beware !

Online scams create 'Yahoo! millionaires'
In Lagos, where scamming is an art, the quickest path to wealth for the cyber-generation runs through a computer screen.
By Leonard Lawal, FORTUNE

(FORTUNE Magazine) - Akin is, like many things in cyberspace, an alias. In real life he's 18. He wears Adidas sneakers, a Rolex Submariner watch, and a kilo of gold around his neck.
Akin, who lives in Lagos, is one of a new generation of entrepreneurs that has emerged in this city of 15 million, Nigeria's largest. His mother makes $30 a month as a cleaner, his father about the same hustling at bus stations. But Akin has made it big working long days at Internet cafes and is now the main provider for his family and legions of relatives.


Akin buys things online - laptops, BlackBerries, cameras, flat-screen TVs - using stolen credit cards and aliases. He has the loot shipped via FedEx or DHL to safe houses in Europe, where it is received by friends, then shipped on to Lagos to be sold on the black market. (He figures Americans are too smart to sell a camera on eBay to a buyer with an address in Nigeria.)

Akin's main office is an Internet cafe in the Ikeja section of Lagos. He spends up to ten hours a day there, seven days a week, huddled over one of 50 computers, working his scams.

And he's not alone: The cafe is crowded most of the time with other teenagers, like Akin, working for a 'chairman' who buys the computer time and hires them to extract e-mail addresses and credit card information from the thin air of cyberspace. Akin's chairman, who is computer illiterate, gets a 60 percent cut and reserves another 20 percent to pay off law enforcement officials who come around or teachers who complain when the boys cut school. That still puts plenty of cash in Akin's pocket.

A sign at the door of the cafe reads, WE DO NOT TOLERATE SCAMS IN THIS PLACE. DO NOT USE E-MAIL EXTRACTORS OR SEND MULTIPLE MAILS OR HACK CREDIT CARDS. YOU WILL BE HANDED OVER TO THE POLICE. NO 419 ACTIVITY IN THIS CAFE. The sign is a joke; 419 activity, which refers to the section of the Nigerian law dealing with obtaining things by trickery, is a national pastime. There are no coherent laws relating to internet scams, the police are mostly computer illiterate, and penalties for financial crimes are rarely enforced

'What do you want me to do?' Akin asks in pidgin English, explaining why he turned to a life of Internet crime. 'It is my God-given talent. Our politicians, they do their own; me, I'm doing my own. I feed my family - my sister, my mother, my popsie. Man must survive.'

The scams perpetrated by Akin and his comrades are many and varied: Moneygram interceptions, Western Union hijackings, check laundering, identity theft, and outright begging, with tall tales of dying relatives and large sums of money in search of safe haven. One popular online fraud often practiced by women (or boys pretending to be women) involves separating lonely men from their money.

Attempts to speak to government officials about Internet crime were futile. They all claimed ignorance of such scams; some laughed it off as Western propaganda.

Some officials, who asked not be identified, said young people are drawn to Internet crime as a way of getting back at a society that has no plans for them. Others see it as a form of reparation for the sins of the West.

Or as Akin puts it, 'White people are too gullible. They are rich, and whatever I gyp them out of is small change to them.'

2011-11-01, 04:42:11
have you heard of sandra selasi ayivi from ghana,i think she is doing the same
2011-11-01, 04:44:05
yes i am from l,pool
2011-12-07, 08:40:25
Guess what yes - shes back - - bewarned people

2012-02-16, 18:03:23
TrapperJim from United States  
She contacted me in November 2011 as Melody Emma Morrison from Accra, Ghana or Said she was 36 & introduced me to Yahoo Messenger where we chatted almost daily with some live webcams. Webcams stopped early December, said she needed money for new computer, later internet fees, a new webcam and $4,000 US for Visa. Stalled money requests and continued daily chats and photo exchanges to Feb 2012. Discovered the Lia19 connection, played dumb and said I was aware that Ghana had many scammers and insisted she appeared live on her webcam for one week before I sent money for her Visa. Enjoyed one week of spectacular and sexy live webcam strips. Confirmed it was her Lia, on webcam from mole above left breast visible in many of the Melody and Lia 19 photos she sent me. After last show when she was asking when money would be sent I confronted her with my Lia19 discovery and surprisingly she confessed that she had been Lia and said she was trying to escape her Porn life which is why she left Arizona, US and came to Ghana also known as Scammer Central. Became emotional, cried live on her webcam and left our chat. Thought I wouldn't hear from her again.
Much to my surprise she contacted me the next day on Messenger Chat and we had long chat with me asking why she lied to me for 3 months and about her Lia career which she said had been over for 3 years. She said she got into Porn out of high school but didn't graduatel. Her boyfriend supposedly introduced her to Porn business. Early in our contact she said she was University grad with PhD in Journalism & Masters in Economics. Now said she was 29 not 36 born in Arizona, 6/6/1983. Got a warm and flowery Email from her this morning that was a direct copy from: http://www.poemslov../321.html. Haven't replied but suspect I'll hear from her again.
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2012-02-17, 02:08:53
anonymous from United States  
2012-02-16, 18:03:23 TrapperJim from United States >>> Lies, lies and more lies... your gal is on at least a dozen different 'mail-order' bride sites.

Anti-Scam-Forum - Yana <>
19. März 2009 um 08:53

[ Hello my darling friend! I saw you on the site the 1000 Ukrainian brides and I like you very much. i'm girl from Ukraine. My name is Yana Kruglova. I would get to know you better and if you are agree write me back.

I'll wait your letter with great impatience and I hope that your heart is still free!!!

Yours sincerely Yana ]

2012-02-17, 08:05:14
2012-02-17, 19:57:13
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-24, 12:23:43
anonymous from United States  
I chatted with her for 3 months as Melody Morrison off of a dating site. As usual quickly madly in love with me & wanted to be my wife. Said she had PhD in Journalism but her spelling and grammar in chats showed me that wasn't true. Suspected she was a scammer but was enjoying our daily chats, her attractive photos and occasional webcams. She/they even sent me 2 dozen Red Roses and a stuffed bear. Said I was raising the $4K for her Visa thru a bogus Travel Agent. When I discovered that all of her photos came from Lia 19 I confronted her saying I knew Ghana had many scammers and that I wanted to see her live on her webcam for One week before I would send the Visa money. She agreed and treated me to a Wonderful week of Sexy webcams & Strips. I confirmed it was Lia 19 on her webcam shows from the birthmark spot above her left breast which is on many Lia 19 & Melody photos. Confronted her and she admitted she had been Lia 19 but said left the Porn industry in Arizona and came to Ghana to start a new life. Yeah Right. Haven't heard from her since and do miss our chats and her sexy webcams. Unlike many others I enjoyed our chats and sexy webcams and it didn't cost me anything as I knew she was a scammer early on. I only discovered her Lia 19 connection in Feb 2012. Many of the photos she sent me and I've seen on here are available for free at: http://www.coedcher../lia19.htm
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer comfort serwaah'

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