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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 


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2018-01-05, 17:20:18   (updated: 2018-01-05, 17:22:49)
Scammers like Valeria are great liars. They do not know what the truth is. They are so devious that they are always thinking of new ways to get you to part with your hard earned money.
One of the many scams that is used is that they do not have internet connection in there apartment. So if you send them money for internet connection and a computer/laptop. They can have more contact with you.
Every apartment block in Ukraine HAS access to the internet. A lot of women in Ukraine use social media. like V.K, run business's and chat via Skype, What's app and other forms of communication to scam victims. Never beleive a woman if she says she does not have internet access. It is also very cheap in Ukraine, NOT expensive like some say.
Ukraine is so corrupt it is unbelievable. I could write a book about all the scams women like Valeria pull. They ALL have Ukrainian partners and have no intention of a relationship with a Westerner, and as for marriage. Forget marrying a Ukrainian woman, they make terrible partners and mothers. They will take every dime that you have and disappear back to Ukraine as my brother found out.
With luck Putin will cut Ukraines internet access or bomb Nikolaev if Valeria is still there.?
As Nikolaev is well known for its scamming whore's
2018-01-07, 22:49:40
Pathological lying is a psychosis disorder and Valeria is probably unable to control her behavior. It will only get worse !
2018-01-13, 21:57:29
True. Valeria does not know what the truth is.
2018-01-14, 17:11:54
2018-01-14, 17:15:19
They have until feb 12th to apply for part of a $500million fund secured by U.S regulators.
Anyone tricked into giving money to fraudsters like Valeria via the International money transfer service (Western Union) between Jan 1st 2004 and Jan 19th 2017 can apply.
2018-01-14, 17:55:47
Scams included crooks (Valeria) on dating sites tricking people into handing over money.
It is FREE to apply. So do not pay any firm offering to claim for you.
2018-01-14, 17:58:44
Scams included crooks (Valeria) on dating sites tricking people into handing over money.
2018-01-15, 14:06:38
anonymous from United States  
Wow I will have to look that up.
2018-01-15, 15:54:49   (updated: 2018-01-15, 15:56:50)
anonymous from United States  
Questions on your money back from Western Union? - Consumer. ftc. gov

https://www.consumer. ftc. gov/blog/2018/.../questions-your-money-back-western-uni...

Jan 2, 2018 - If you lost money to a scammer who had you pay using Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you can file a claim. You have ... If you used a money transfer service, you can also report it to the Western Union Fraud Hotline at 800-448-1492 or MoneyGram Customer Care Center at ...
2018-01-15, 21:03:21
DOC from United States  
On January 19, 2017, The Western Union Company (Western Union), a global money services business headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, agreed to forfeit $586 million and entered into agreements with the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission. In its agreement with the Justice Department, Western Union admitted that it violated U.S. laws—The Bank Secrecy Act and anti-fraud statutes—by processing hundreds of thousands of transactions for Western Union agents and others involved in an international consumer fraud scheme. As part of the scheme, fraudsters contacted victims and falsely posed as family members in need or promised prizes or job opportunities. The fraudsters directed the victims to send money through Western Union to help their relative or claim their prize. The Department of Justice hired Gilardi & Co., LLC to serve as the remission administrator in this matter.

If you believe you were a victim of the fraud described above and you made a wire transfer through Western Union between January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, you may be eligible for remission.
2018-01-17, 16:40:14
There is a good chance that Western Union will try to get there money back from the scammers by taking them to court. Valeria thinks she is bullet proof. But the Ukrainian government is desperate to show the European Union that it is dealing with fraud. So Valeria could get some jail time, if she does not pay back the money she got under false pretences, anything is possible.
2018-01-17, 16:42:31
She boasted to me that she was safe and untouchable. Bragging that even the Ukrainian underworld will not stop her
2018-01-26, 14:01:07
anonymous from Belarus  
2018-01-26, 16:48:35

?????. There is no comment.?
2018-01-26, 16:52:59
Ukrainian Lawyer Yuriy Stetsenko. Can advise and help if you have been scammed. It is time the victims fight back.
Valeria is so smug and arrogant she gets a kick out of ripping foreign men off. It is time she was dealt a severe lesson. Let us hope Western Union will take these vermin scammers to court.
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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