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Gold digger Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine


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Several users on this web site posted comments about
Valeria Novitskaya from Ukraine, after they found out that she is a gold digger.

Here is some identifying information:

Valeria Novitskaya
12 Prodolnaya Street
House 44
Flat 91
Nikolaev City
Mobile number +380633513531
D.O.B.. 30th October 1985 


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2018-03-30, 19:20:39

2018-04-14, 17:56:27
It's very quiet on Ukraines greatest scammer. Is the poison dwarf still in contact with any foriegner's??? As i can not see that she has stopped scamming and ripping men off. She is to big a liar and set in her ways.
2018-04-18, 15:45:29
anonymous from United States  

Dear Rick, Hagar or whatever you are. Thank you for all this lies you wrote here. My lawyer soon will contact you. Do you think you are so clever? Wrote all this lies about me and when I asked police to help and they recognize your I'd address from where you writing you delated all your email addresses ? But see you are not only one so clever so as you I have your phone and home address. You saying I am a bitch? For you I will be for all lies you told here and on other sites!!! Wait for aplication soon you will come to Ukraine to the court and belive me I have what to say. You telling all lies here and soon you will be punish! So read that I hope you will learn that lesson and soon will be punished for all that lies. I want you got to prison after such ugly lies, and you will. So read in the Internet about our laws for such kind of liying on the Internet. Good luck and sweet dreams but I am sure you will not have that!!!!! Valeria!!!!
2018-04-20, 16:44:24
We have heard it all before some years ago. Bring it on. I eagerly await.
2018-04-27, 21:44:23
anonymous from Belarus  
2018-04-28, 04:20:44
anonymous from Belarus  
2018-04-28, 07:05:37
anonymous from Belarus  
2018-05-01, 09:55:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
she was in Dubai March this year

2018-05-01, 21:17:58   (updated: 2018-05-01, 21:18:32)
Looks like Valeria on the left proudly showing off her new enhanced boob job with the niplette procedure, which allows the nipples to stick straight out like an acorn often called 'thimble nipples' for those with a fetish fantasy.

2018-05-02, 19:25:28
anonymous from United States  
Her hair is getting darker ..
She always had nice boobs.
Is that Julia next to her ...julia was nice to me.
2018-05-05, 12:18:36
Is she working there as a prostitute.? Valeriya has always liked rich Arabs. She has many business interests now. Though she actually works very little herself. This brazen whore who is still scamming men needs to be put 2 meters underground. Even though she is a millionaire. She takes the piss out of men. Its time guys got together to give her some REAL karma.
2018-05-06, 14:29:41
People are industrious and they will always look for ways to make money, A carpenter is going to build something, and when a pretty woman values her assets and can make money doing so, she's going to be inclined to establish a fair market price for the goods. Like ways to turn your creative talents into cash ! How To Sell Pussy Part 1. By: ValerDev'yatʹ
2018-05-07, 17:36:56
It takes a split second to destroy someones good looks permanently. A drug addict in Valeriya's home town would willing throw acid in her face for the price of their next fix. I have heard this could happen to Valeriya anytime. A lot there do not like her ill gotten wealth, which she is happy to show off to her friends and family. Should that happen her scamming and prostitution days are over for ever.
2018-05-12, 16:29:01

Julia/Yulia was nice to you because she is being PAID by Valeriya to be nice and make you think Valeriya is genuine. They are both lyeing bitches. Julia/Yulia is in on the scam. How else could she afford a vaccation in Dubai??
Ukrainians are not poor and hard done to at all. 99% of them have the internet, mobile phones are cheap to buy and very cheap to use. Basically most things are cheap in Ukraine.
2018-05-13, 21:43:08
anonymous from United States  
Yes that is true back then $10/hour but there were a lot of hours ...
They probably said in russian lets milk this idiot ...
Live and learn. Boy it hurt when i found out the truth. I lost all the time and money chasing a fraud. Took me a few years to recover psychologically. Still hurts alittle. I like Julia better than Kattie. Valeria was the good looking one. She will be 33 this year. Oh well it could have been a lot worse. I had a friend that married a Ukraian woman ...he divorced her after 2 years and it cost him a fortune

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