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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer jenny phillipson

Name: jenny phillipson


never got one kept asking for it.says she is in Bariga,Nigeria.Her screen name on the profile was jennyuu.

Other Comments:
I was new to all this so she popped my cherry!Ha,Ha!Boy she really had me going& was tugging on my heart strings.I responded to a profile on she was supposed to be in a small town 50miles from where i live.When she replied she said she was in Nigeria taking care of her mum because her father had recently passed away in a car accident.So i believed her,but then i kept noticeing she would ask same questions and wouldnt answer mine.She claimed she was a good student her in the states but her emails where written w/very broken english.So I kept trying to dig as deep as I could but im not very computer savvy so i didnt get far.She clamied she was born in Georgia Macon.Then she said she gave me the name of her high school Georgia Chaffe Tapp South Park Alternative High School,this school is in Kentucky& Im from Texas!I am smart and my gut kept telling me somthing wasnt right.She had started telling me she loved me after about three days.I knew this was just to good to be true!When something doesnt make sense its probably not true!well after about five days of emails she set me up with a letter saying she wasnt doing well that the landlord took her passport&plane ticket because she couldnt pay the rent for her mom.I responded by saying i wish there was somthing I could do to help.And there i got the letter asking for 850.00 send it to her via western union.I tell you I really thought about it I mean she is beautiful and just seemed so innocent.But I found your site and listened to the sane voice inside of me & couldnt do it.I told her that I contacted the American Embassy in Nigeria and that I would pay them 600.00 to pay her rent and that they would put in the extra 250.00.I asked where i could contact her and if I could phone her but she stopped emailing me after that.I really hoped she was real and I actully still wonder who the girl in those pictures is!I feel bad for her that someone is out there spreading her pictures around w/out her knowledge(@least thats what I think)I looked up her schools web site but it sent me to and I didnt want to pay for info that I may not find.Man I tell you she had me,and may GOD strike me down if she was telling me the truth and really needed help!I was a little weary about putting this info on here about her just in case she was innocnet.But somthing tells me Im gonna be alright!JENNY IF YOUR REAL IM SORRY!!

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