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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Mariam Awudu

Name: Mariam Awudu


Box 49, Alajo
Accra, Ghana

Other Comments:
Dating scammer Mariam Awudu - (Alidu) from Accra, Ghana

The girl lives in Alajo, a village in Accra Ghana. She might use the last name Alidu instead of Awudu. Email address with the alias of zuwera alidu, cellphone +233249568985, she claims to be 32 years of age, but I have found out that there is another girl in Ghana with the same name of age 24. I dont know if this is the same girl.

NOTE! The pictures might be of some completely innocent girl that they have stolen to used for their scam. Anyway, know that there are people using this face for their fraud.

The girl is very convincing. She appears very lovely, kind, understanding, smart, with humor. Very interested in you. I have never had more confidence in a woman in my life. Not even my ex wife. She is eager to move to your country.

She fooled me to pay for visa, tickets, traveling money, a local rite, a fee to get her out of immigration in Ghana, medicine, then when she asked for additional 2500 USD for an operation I said stop. Too late. I had already paid 11,000 USD.

A good advice to you all is to hire a lawyer or a private investigator to check out the girl, I paid 300 USD, a fraction of what she demanded, but too late Im sad to say.

More info on Mariam Awudu:
She never picks up the phone when you call her. Either it rings until you get no answer or it get hung up. Then she sends a sms a little while later. When my PI tried to call her (from inside Ghana) a man picked up the phone.
She claims her mother is named Zuwera Alidu (thats also the alias for her email address)
She has an uncle called Hussein Alidu, cellphone +233246448224, private +233246949947, he is playing the game good and is very convincing, I doubt he is really her uncle, perhaps her boyfriend or something worse.
She uses a guy called Mr Eric to get the visa. He claims to run a traveling agency ( All this if fraud. He is the guy getting her the fake passport, visa and boarding pass. His cellphone: +233243960356
She claimed she was put into Faith Medical Hospital, the hospital really exist, but is primarily for elderly people. She used two doctors to prove her story about sickness. One Dr Bediako Ansah, email , phone +233243067893. He is a fraud. He doesnt work at the hospital and when someone from Ghana calls him, a guy calling himself Musa answered the phone. The other doctor Dr Seth Koranthen is for real, but she gave me the number to some fake guy that was an imposter, his number is +233243697210. My PI has talked to the real Dr Koranten and the nurses at the hospital and showed
the picture of her, but no one have seen her before.

Its quite easy to fall into their traps, they are very convincing. I really was willing to do everything for this girl. The weak link in this case were the doctors. They made a very poor impression on me. They obviously have very little common knowledge of technology and medicine in Ghana. You can easily fall into traps regarding local traditions like rites a.s.o. that is unknown to you, but when it comes to common knowledge it is much easier to verify their demands.

I have learned. Never send a dollar. If its true love they will stick with you, if not let them go. Go down there to visit the girl. Dont let anyone else than yourself handle the visa, tickets, everything.

I really hope no one will run into this girl. She is dangerously convincing.

Good luck,
Been Burned

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