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The 90# phone scam (Hoax)


This morning a friend warned me about a text message I might receive to my cell phone asking me to confirm by pressing 90#. My friend told me that once I press 90# the other side magically can take over my cell phone line or at least have full access to my phone's SIM card.

Is that true?


Short answer: WRONG. Ignore it.

Another version of this story is this that you get a phone call from someone saying they are from the phone company doing a test on the line and want you to press 90#. Typing 90# supposedly gives the caller full access to your phone line, and they can bill long distance calls to you.

Pressing 90# applies to a certain types of office PBXes, for which 90# is the equivalent of 'transfer to outside line, dial the operator, and drop off the call'. The caller then tells the operator they want to call Nairobi.

With your today's equipment, this warning is meaningless.

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