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The most important file types used in Windows, Mac OS and Linux/ Unix, grouped by their extension's first letter.


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Overview of CD burning related file formats

Here is a list of the various file formats and which applications work with them.


CDRWin-Image, burn it with Nero or WinOnCD


Blind Write Image, RAW-Image


configuration file for Sub-Code Blind Write


Blind Write Control File


proprietary CD-Image format of WinOnCd


CloneCD Image Control File


proprietary CD-Image of Easy CD Creator


CD-Layout von Easy CD Creator


Track-Abbild by WinOnCD


Cuesheet by CDRWin for *.bin (see above)


Duplicator image


Virtual CD-Rom, uncompressed


Prassi CD Right Plus Image


Nero HD-Backup


CloneCD image


ISO9660 Image by Nero, BlindRead or Easy CD Creator


Nero: HFS-CD compilation


Nero: Audio-CD Compilation


Nero: Boot-CD Compilation


CD-Image by Nero


Nero: Hybird-CD compilation


CD-Rom ISO compilation by Nero


Mixes-Mode compilation by Nero


URF oder UDF+ISO-CD compilation by Nero


Video-CD compilation by Nero


Gear image file


BlindWrite / CloneCd sub channel data


Duplicator image file

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